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About Us

Linkers India Logistics Pvt Ltd, founded in 1996 by Benny Raghavan, is an organization whose main activity is in the fields of air and sea cargo forwarding and transportation, India transportation, international consolidator, courier services, customs clearing agent and comprehensive national and international expertise. The company was born and developed with a commitment to quality service, adapting to customer needs at all times. Today, Linkers India Logistics Pvt Ltd is a leading company in the sector and has been strengthened by several factors among which is the loyalty to its own DNA.
The company began with an office based at Delhi in 1996. With over 16 years' experience in all aspects of freight forwarding we possess a young and dynamic team, eager to be part of continued growth and therefore opportunity.
We are confident that once you choose to work with us, you will be completely satisfied. Let Linkers India take care of your valuable cargoes. Center

  • Our Mission

    The Linkers India Logistics Pvt Ltd, mission is to guide all its efforts on providing a personalized service that is characterized by being agile, efficient and tailored to each client, using appropriate means to a highly competitive price. We want our customers to feel our company as theirs.

  • Our Values

    Linkers India Logistics Pvt Ltd Vision is to continue its development as a benchmark company in the sector taking a global logistics service to make us your best choice

  • Our Vision

    Customer focus: We are a team of high level professionals in the field of international transportation and customs, always ready to provide the best service and technical advice at all times. Our corporate growth has not compromised our value philosophy of adaptation to our clients.

    Commitment: We are known for having great commitment and synergy with our clients. We monitor all of our operations, acting accordingly as needed. We are your best ally

    Consistency business: We are an organization running under the principles of coherent business that has always maintained us in a good financial situation, allowing us to meet our commitments at all times.

    Efficiency: The staff of Linkers India Logistics Pvt Ltd always look for the maximum efficiency in their work, making everything easier for our clients

    Staff: Linkers India Logistics Pvt Ltd is characterized for being an organization that puts all its efforts in achieving a high satisfaction level through its staff. The success of the company is in the people who compose it.